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Bernard Hudelot

Bernard Hudelot, a descendant of the Vikings, is a typical Burgundian character, born in 1942 in Villars Fontaine. He grew up in a family of small peasants living of polyculture, a little breeding, vineyard and wine indispensable to the alimentation and their income.

- At 12 years old, he leaves the village to study in a technical high school in Dijon;

- at 21 years, technician superior he goes to the army in Cote d'Ivoire. Upon his return at 23 years old, he taught mathematics in a commercial high school in Gray;Gray;

- At the age of 26, following the SAFER's gathering of plots, he decided with his brother Henry to return to the village to replant the vines on the forgotten soils.
As a building consultant, he developed a lot of energy to acquire, re-group and plant the best exposed plots.

- In parallel, he pursued university studies in oenology and biology. Master of Science, he undertakes a doctorate in viticulture with his director Professor Bessis.

- At the same time, he clears with his brother and undertakes the plantations of new plots that he identifies with great potential. Hours spent are not counted! During this period, responsible for his vinification, he vinifies and raises his wines according to the "old and traditional" methods that have made Burgundy famous. It is later, with the evolution of material and technology that he understands that the true wines of Burgundy can only be made in accordance with these ancient methods.

- In 10 years he plants 18 hectares of vines. In 1980, his brother teamed up with his son. Bernard built with his employees the buildings necessary for the winemaking and the maturing of his wines. The results are spectacular, numerous medals obtained in the competitions testify it, as well as the praises of the press. Today the best way to attest to the quality of wines over time and to open an old bottle of the 70/80 vintage. At the table, it will put everyone in agreement.bottle of the 70/80 vintage. At the table, it will put everyone in agreement.

- During 22 years with a group of winegrowers they create and develop voluntarily La Maison des Hautes Côtes in Marey-les-Fussey. This Caveau-Restaurant had reached national fame. With a capacity of 340 seats, it received more than 40,000 visitors per year. In 1995, a new team wanted to change part of the objective ...

- In parallel to all this, he taught the Oenological Engineering at the University of Dijon for 20 years.

- Since the end of the 90s, passionate about viticulture, he participates in the development of "Vineyards of the impossible", in Tahiti, Gabon, Burma, China ... Many projects are still underway ...