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Le Club des Vignerons de Cœur

The gradual disappearance in Burgundy of these Great Wines of Keeping that the whole world envied us is due in particular to the modifications of the accounting and banking practices. We have seen, since 1995, disappear many wineries. Stocks dropped dramatically to a situation never known in our region. In 2006, they are reduced to a value of 0.7 compared to the production of a normal year.

This situation has favored the development of big organizations, of which large financial groups are often the shareholders. They are achieving very good results thanks to their size and the gradual disappearance of this competition in value of the small farms. The press and professionals talked less and less of "Aged Wines" and the subtlety of their wonderful tertiary aromas revealing themselves over time. They praised the style of these new wines, rounder, more fruity, less tannic and drinking younger, but which, on the other hand, will no longer preserve or develop the complexity brought on by aging. This type of wine, modeled on those of the New World, destroys the identity that made Burgundy famous.

In the estate, we resisted, not without family and banking difficulties, to this "Tsunami". Since 1995, our customers have become overwhelmingly, thanks to their will and with joy, micro-owners of our vines. The "Club des Vignerons de Cœur" was born. They thus continue to supply at the "Avant-Primeur" tariff their cellars and those of their children with very beautiful Burgundy wines still elaborated in the tradition. This innovative concept now attracts at the Clubs some very beautiful estates located in other wine regions of France. Their customers react as we did and reject this global standardization by favoring local identities and productions. This ancient form of autarky is one of the answers to threats the family farms. Some vines shares are still available. The defenders of these values of authenticity, tradition and identity through the Wine are therefore welcome in our Club.

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