le domaine Ch$ateau de Villars Fontaine

The Estate & the Castle

This family estate was created by Bernard Hudelot in 1970 on ancient vineyards exploited by the Canons of St Denis with the Dukes of Burgundy from the 11th to the 17th century. The area was gradually abandoned due to climatic cooling thus shifting the production of Great Red Wines in the Côte de Nuits, 100 meters lower. Today, global warming is giving this region of the Hautes Côtes its qualitative richness of yesteryear. The estate of the Château produces again the Great Wines that have generated its origin. The proof is, since 1996, the years of great qualities follow one another without interruption by increasing the roundness, the power and the elegance of the Pinot Noir. The Chardonnay thus reaches its ideal maturity. Thanks to the white marls, it gives Great white wines identical to the Corton-Charlemagne of 30 years ago.

The surface currently exploited is 30 hectares distributed with 40% of Great white wines enriched on the very beautiful white marls of the Upper Jurassic. And 60% of red wines draw their richness between the stones of the Pearl Slab of the Middle Jurassic, on well-exposed slopes. In all, there are more than 120,000 bottles of fine wines produced every year at the Château.


In 1984, with the growth of its exploitation, Bernard Hudelot decides to give it the name of Domaine de Montmain. It was only later, with the acquisition in 2000 of the Castle, former property of its great-grandmother, that the estate will become Château de Villars Fontaine. It recreates a multi-decade vineyard dispersed by the events of the history and the variations of the events of the history and the variations of the climate. In the Middle Ages, during the warm period (1030 - 1350), the center of activities of the region was around the hill of Vergy (3 km from Villars Fontaine) where stood a powerful fortress, bastion of Sirs de Vergy. This fort housed within its walls the congregation of the Canons of the Collegial Chapter of St-Denis, which dealt, among other things, with a vineyard. Further research has shown that they built a larder, some cellars and a chapel in Villars-sous-Vergy in the 12th century. Three elements that we currently find at the Castle and which allow us to deduce that the hills chosen by the monks for their vineyards were those of Villars Fontaine today. In 1609, a period of great cold, Henry IV had shaved the hill of Vergy. The monks, thus without a nobleman, set out at Nuits-St-Georges, where the climate was more favorable. The farm buildings of the canons were sold to Antoine de Latour. He transformed them into a 17th century castle. In 1864, Pierre Mongeard, winegrower and maternal great-grandfather of Bernard Hudelot, bought the Château. At the end of the XIX ° century, it is unfortunately sold because of the phylloxera.


The property now rests on the larder of canons, vaulted arches with square pillars of elegant proportions. In the basement, two parallel vaulted arched cellars are connected by two passages. They have now regained their original function. On these elements of the XIIth century, the vast house with multiple rooms. The floors are served by a stone staircase in the the 18th century style. The whole is set in a setting of greenery with secular species that has been extended for a few years by a vineyard of 1.2 hectares planted with Chardonnay: the Clos du Château.